Coolifting Philadelphia

Coolifting is a revolutionary registered system that distributes a powerful stream of CO2 through the facial tissue, combining an extremely high concentration of decomposed active substances, under high pressure and low temperature.

Coolifting rejuvenation procedure.

A fast, simple, effective procedure that opens up new possibilities for non-contact rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. The symbiosis of a high concentration of anti-aging substances and a powerful activation of the epidermis opens up the possibility of such penetration, which was not previously available.

Coolifting Areas

Coolifting is designed to treat the face quickly and easily and achieve an overall firming effect that softens and brightens the skin, paying special attention to the areas most sensitive to wrinkles, both expression and gravity: the eye contour, forehead, brow area, cheeks, lip area.

You can also work with Coolifting on the body. Just use the CoolCell kit and your clients will have a solution to the problems of body shaping.

Number of sessions on the Coolifting machine

CooLifting protocol can consist of:

- One session: Instant results after one session, tightening effect, softening and radiant skin, removing superficial and reducing deep wrinkles. Creates a long lasting effect.

- Shock therapy: 8 sessions per month (2 per week) for a rejuvenating effect: intensive stimulation of collagen, elastin, skin regeneration, improves the quality and texture of the skin.

- Supportive care: a session every two weeks (individual consultation with a cosmetologist, in each case).

Application and expected result from the Coolifting technique

The cold flow of CO2 and degraded active substances, combined with high application pressure, contribute to:

Paradoxical vasomotorism of blood vessels: narrowing of blood vessels followed by their expansion, promotes capillary circulation and microcirculation.

Cryophoresis and barophoresis: enhances Coolifting properties by applying cold and pressure. When applied to the epidermis, the combination of high-pressure cold promotes deep penetration of Coolifting active substances and exponential growth of its effect.

Thermal shock: stimulation of the underlying tissues. The normal temperature of these tissues is about 36ºC (97ºF). Decrease in skin temperature, promotes a deep and instant dermal response.