Why need to try Laser Hair Removal at our Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center, Philadelphia?

only American-made diode lasers are used;

Do not sunbathe for 2 weeks before Laser Hair Removal in our Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center, Philadelphia , do not pull out the hairline in the epilated area and do not take tetracycline drugs, fluoroquinolones and sulfonamides;

During Laser Hair Removal the laser flow passes only 4 millimeters under the skin, focuses in the hair due to the presence of pigment (melanin) in it, then, due to the highest heating temperature (up to 60 C), the hair bulb is destroyed.

After the Laser Hair Removal, the epilation area may turn slightly red, but this reaction stops within a few hours. It is necessary to apply regenerating agents like “Vivax”, “Panthenol” or “Aloe gel” on the epilated areas.

Gentle® laser hair removal is more modern and belongs to the latest 5 generation of laser systems. The advantage of this equipment is the presence of a large vacuum nozzle, which makes it possible to carry out the procedure almost 2 times faster.

Have you already had your procedure with our new, advanced Gentle® laser hair removal in Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center, Philadelphia? The unique technology of vacuum amplification makes this laser the leader in the world in terms of speed, efficiency, comfort and painlessness!