Wich laser should to choose in Laser Hair Removal?

Gentle® laser hair removal is more modern and belongs to the latest 5 generation of laser systems. The advantage of this equipment is the presence of a large vacuum nozzle, which makes it possible to carry out the procedure almost 2 times faster.

Laser Hair Removal Philadelphia advantages.

Also, due to the vacuum attraction, unpleasant sensations during the procedure are masked and most clients note that the sensations during the procedure can be compared to a light massage. Not a single company in Ukraine can afford to upgrade laser equipment on such a scale, something like this is possible only at Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center, Philadelphia! We never save, but on the contrary, we follow the most modern trends, and we also do not raise the prices for procedures for Lumenis Light Duet in comparison with the ET attachment, there are no double prices in our center.

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