After Laser Hair Removal

After the Laser Hair Removal, the epilation area may turn slightly red, but this reaction stops within a few hours. It is necessary to apply regenerating agents like “Vivax”, “Panthenol” or “Aloe gel” on the epilated areas.

For 2 weeks after the epilation procedure, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight or apply a sunscreen with a high degree of protection (at least 40 SPF).


Laser Hair Removal is carried out on a smooth surface and this has a number of advantages:

  • the energy of the laser is used precisely to destroy the hair follicle and is not scattered over the surface;

  • the occurrence of burns is excluded;

  • the procedure is not so painful;

  • elimination of folliculitis;

  • lack of irritation;

  • no need for continuous shaving.

 Laser Hair Removal in our Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center, Philadelphia.