Coolifting® is the most spectacular and fast face lifting treatment to defy aging. It is said that Coolifting® will let you remove 10 years from your face in only 5 minutes.

It is a revolutionary, noninvasive procedure that is taking the world by storm and is now available here at Enigma Madi Spa.

The treatment is based on targeting your facial tissues with strong CO2 flow which combines extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and low temperature.


Simple, effective, non-invasive and fast treatment: 5 minutes for rejuvenation. The revolutionary symbiosis between highly concentrated anti-aging actives and an efficient activation of the epidermis allows it to penetrate deeper than ever before. Coolifting® is designed to target wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and frown lines, the areas arond nose and lips.


The cold CO2 flow and the atomized actives combined with the high application pressure causes:

Paradoxical vessel-motricity:

Blood vessels constrictions followed by blood vessels dilatations of the blood micro-circulation. By suffering a strong cold stimulus, the blood vessels alternatively constrict and expand to counter it.

Cryophoresis and barophoresis:

Multiplication of the Coolifting effect by cold and pressure. The combination of cold with the high pressure applied on the epidermis causes a strong penetration of the Coolifting actives and an exponential increase of its effects.

Thermal shock:

Stimulation of the underlying tissues. Those tissues are normally at a temperature of some 36ºC (97ºF). Upon experiencing a sudden drop of temperature, it causes a deep and instantaneous dermis reaction.
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Here at Enigma Medi Spa the treatment is always administered by a COOLIFTING®-trained healthcare specialist. The equipment and consummables used are genuine and provide guaranteed, predictable, safe and lasting results. Beware of cheap imitations. They may be ineffective at best and detrimental to your health at worst.